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Zoom and Pan Photo Mosaic example
This is high resolution mosaic example.

It is 35 columns width and 29 rows height mosaic. Single tile size is 150 x 150 pixels.
The fauna theme stamp collection was used as a tile library.
You may find the ready to use .mz2 library file at the download page.

Please use controls on the bottom of the image to zoom and pan the mosaic.

Use + to zoom in and - to zoom out. You can scroll the image using either the up, down, left, right arrows or by clicking and dragging the image with the mouse.

Mosaic details:

I have used my post stamp collection as a tiles. It is not a very large fauna theme collection. There are 1,700+ different images used as a library for this mosaic.

I have used Mazaika v2.3 to make this mosaic. Settings that were used:
  • Flips usage: Original images only
    Mazaika can use any tile as it is only.

  • Tile Repetitions: 4
    There are repeated tiles. Each tile was used only 4 times or less.

  • Tile Distance: 8
    Distance between the repeated tiles is 8 tiles or more.

  • Blend percent: 0
    There is no blending with the original image. Tile colors are the same as were in the original collection.

  • Mosaic Size: 35 x 29 tiles
    It takes only few seconds to calculate mosaic on my P4 - 2.8 G.Hz. (512 RAM) WinXP system. It takes also few seconds to save the mosaic as a 5,250 x 4,350 pixels TIFF file. It is a 65 MB file and can be printed as a 18" x 15" poster at 300 dpi. or as a 36" x 30" poster at 150 dpi

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