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Click 2 Crop screenshot.
AutoLevels option enabled.
(Click for a larger picture)
Click 2 Crop screenshot.
AutoLevels option enabled.
(Click for a larger picture)
Click 2 Crop screenshot:
One click white balance color correction.
Gray wall was used as a refrence gray color.
See larger picture for detailes.
Click 2 Crop screenshot. 
Picture was cropped, reduced, sharpened 
and ready to be sent by email.
(Click for a larger picture)
Click 2 Crop screenshot. 
Sepia and border options are enabled.
(Click for a larger picture)
Click 2 Crop screenshot.
Picture with border and watermark.
(Click for a larger picture)
Click 2 Crop screenshot. 
Color correction by variants mode.
(Click for a larger picture)
Above are Click 2 Crop screenshots.

Below are examples of photos that was cropped, reduced, sharpened, framed and saved with only one click:

Cropped photo with color frame.
Original large 4 Mega pixel photo was resized with enabled 
Sharpen and AutoLevel options. Color frame was selected 
and added in the Border screen.
For a larger picture transparent watermark was added also.
(Click for a larger picture)
Mosaic on the photo was made with Mazaika [indeed]
as a gift for 10th anniversary of Banking Management
Faculty. It is a portrait of their dean made from 
collection of different banknotes.
Cropped photo with borders and text. This is a night photo of Ekaterinburg Historic Park. Thumbnail was saved with sharpen option. (Click for a larger picture)
Cropped photo with borders and text.
The same Ekaterinburg Historic Park only at daytime. (Click for a larger picture)
Cropped photo with borders and text. Sunset over the Iset river. (Click for a larger picture)
Cropped photo with borders, text and transparent watermark. (Click for a larger picture)


Rated 5 stars at TopShareware

Rated 4 cows by Tucows

Rated 4 stars at SnapFiles

Rated 4 stars at Softonic
Rated 4 stars at Softonic

Click 2 Crop - the easy photo editor

If you have ever used a conventional photo editing program for the simple tasks like resizing, rotating, cropping or adding border to your pictures, you must have realized it's like using a cannon to shoot a fly. Click 2 Crop makes your life easier, as it is designed to let you browse your photo collection fast and let you edit your photographs easily. Whether it’s the family gathering photographs or the photographs from your last vacation, Click 2 Crop handles them all. You can edit any photograph fast and easy using the simple, easy to understand and intuitive interface of Click 2 Crop.

What is it?
Click 2 Crop is a simple, fast, easy to use photo editor designed keeping an average computer used in mind.

Who is it for?
It's for you! It's for all computer users who want to edit their digital photographs FAST and do not want to deal with a complex photo editing software

Why you need it?

  • Simple to learn: You can learn how to use Click 2 Crop in minutes. The tools are visual, easy and intuitive - even people new to auction image editing can be productive within a few minutes
  • Edit Faster: Click 2 Crop will noticeably reduce the time you spend editing and managing your family and vacation photographs as it lets you browse through your collection using previous and next buttons (like a slideshow). You can save the modified pictures or even small portions of the pictures without having to bother about naming them as Click 2 Crop names them automatically is a serial order like 1, 2, 3...
  • Easy to use: Click 2 Crop's easy tools let you resize, crop, rotate, add border with one mouse click. Click 2 Crop is not loaded with un-necessary features that you don't need. It has all the tools that you need, right there within the reach of a single click. The more you use it, the more you'll love it.
  • All in one: Click 2 Crop is your Swiss army knife for all your photo needs. You need a photo from your web cam or scanner; you do not need to use another software for that. Using Click 2 Crop you can capture photos from any photo device attached to your computer and you can edit and save them right there.
  • Low Priced: Click 2 Crop comes to you at a fraction of a price of a conventional photo editing software.

Click 2 Crop and Image Mosaic Mazaika

  • Click 2 Crop is a very handy utility when you need a mosaic but do not have enough pictures. It is very easy to "create" smaller images using parts of the larger images using this utility. See detailed explanations here.


  • Fast and easy cropping, resizing and resampling.
  • AutoLevel correction.
  • One click instant white balance correction.
  • Color correction by variants.
  • Image sharpening options.
  • Add borders and watermarks.
  • Add custom multiline text marks.
  • Add text marks with date, time and EXIF properties.
  • Gudelines option to help you with photography composition.
  • Visual selection of JPEG compression level.
  • Open all major file formats: *.jpg, *.tif, *.gif, *.bmp
  • Open a lot more less used formats like *.png, *.ico, *.dib, *.pcx, *.pcd, *.pic, *.tga
  • Save as *.jpg, *.tif or *.bmp formats.
  • Show EXIF metadata.
  • Support for Windows Drag and Drop to open files.
  • Support for Windows Clipboard copy and paste.
  • Support for Windows Windows Explorer right click menu.

  • Platform: MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP


  • Click 2 Crop is a shareware.
      Price: US$ 19.95




Also see my other program - photo mosaic creation tool   MAZAIKA.

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