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Coming Soon!!!

New version BG_ASCII v2.0 (not released yet) :

New features will be:
Color RTF text preview and save.
Convert pictures to color html table with coloured cells. see example
Convert custom text to color html picture as in Halloween wallpaper
Many bugs fixed.
And more...
(part of this functions you recommend me via email).

Thanks everybody!

If you want to see some function that is not present or have some other ideas about user interface and overall perfomance - please let me know. This freeware program is a fun to me but I try make it as good as I could so your options are very welcome.


Despite the fact that I made this program for my personal enjoyment, BG_ASCII has become quite popular over the world - so it may be time to make it really international. If you could, or would want to help me write readme or help files that would not be as messy and more understandable than the present ones, and/or translate them to other languages I would deeply appreciate your help.
In exchange of your efforts I can promise you only my heartly thanks and place your information (www links, emails, names, your photos, photos of your friends or pets and so on) into program documentation and on my site.

Anyway all your advices/questions/comments/letters can help me give more attention to development of new version of this freeware prog.

BG_ASCII Translations we have so far:
Poland   Polish version. BG_ASCII with Polish language interface. Zipfile (353 KB)
Courtesy to Artur Szymanski.
German   German ReadMe file (9 Kb) courtesy to Dennis Grass.
Chile Spain   Spanish ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Carlos A. Hern´┐Żndez L.
Denmark Italian ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Alexander Bonivento
Denmark Danish ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Tomas Petersen
Go to page with BG_ASCII download links.

Latest version is BG_ASCII v1.3 (in color)

Here is two color ascii pictures of Elvis and Kitten made with NEW version BG_ASCII 1.3.
BG_ASCII v1.32 is most advanced and bug free version for today.
There is a version of BG_ASCII that can execute batch operation - v1.33 (beta). It differs from v1.32 (which you can download at appropriate page) only with batch convertor unit. One evening test show considereble amount of bugs - so I don't host this file for download here.
But if:
1. You can explain me why you need it (so far I know only one use of this - creation of ascii animation);
2. You could understand how to use batch convertor;
3. You could be a beta tester and send me the bug reports;
Then let me know - and I'll send you this beta via e-mail.
Otherwise I think that you should use v1.32.
------------------------------------------------------------------ Programmed by Boris A. Glazer ------------------------------------------------------------------ INSTALLATION Unzip files into your hard disk And that's it! ------------------------------------------------------------------ RUNNING To run double click on bg_asci.exe ------------------------------------------------------------------ USING There are two things you can do using it.
Create ascii photo:
Create ascii photo screenshot To create ascii photo press PIC button, then press Open and choose image file (this version supports 27 file formats, including jpg, gif, bmp, ico, tif, pcx, pcd and some other). When image is loaded press Go button. Image will be displayed on background.

You can resize image by resizing image window.

You can choose convertion region by left click and drag over desired part of image. Then you can drag selected mask over image.

known BUG - when you select some region and than resize image - visible boundares of the selecton will disapear. You should select the region once again :(

You can adjust black level by shift left click on desired part of image.
You can adjust white level by shift right click on desired part of image.
Also you can input these values manually.

After adjustments press Go button again.
Create ascii text:
Create ascii text screenshot To create ascii text press TXT button:

Input some text into textbox.
Press long button with font name to choose font face and attributes.
You can adjust font size and foreground and background characters

You can copy or cut ascii graphic into clipboard by pressing Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X. After that you can paste it whenever you want.
SETTINGS of background window Change font face and font size of background window like font in "To create ascii text" section. (I think that you must choose some fixed pitch font a'la courier.) To modify halftone scale character string: Manual - type 16 character long string into appropriate textbox Auto - press <Pref> button. choose font name and attributes, after a while halftone string will appear in textbox. Leave 16 characters and press <Go> ------------------------------------------------------------------ UNINSTALL Delete bg_asci.exe. The only thing this prog creates on your machine - ini file bgasci.ini in your windows directory (eg. C:/windows/bgasci.ini) Delete it too. And that's all! ------------------------------------------------------------------ DISTRIBUTION Feel free to use these applications, either commercial or not. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. ------------------------------------------------------------------ SOURCE CODE Source code for BG_ASCII is not free. If you want it - e-mail me and I will tell you how you can get it ------------------------------------------------------------------ Sorry for my pigeon english :-(
Here you can download latest version of my program

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