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BG_ASCII 1.32 (in color) !!!

Color pictures !!!
Gradient color text - Color HTML save !!!
Desktop hotkey to write ASCII art signatures and commentary !!!
Mulicolor mode - Grey level - Save functions !!!
New ascii graphic function - flip, invert, trim, rotate !!!
Popup menu

( see full details in ReadMe.txt )

download bg_ascii v1.32 HTTP (356 Kb) from Simtel.Net (All world mirrors)
download bg_ascii v1.32 HTTP (356 Kb) from WinSite (USA)
download bg_ascii v1.32 (356 Kb)

Poland   Polish version. BG_ASCII with Polish language interface. Zipfile (353 KB)
Courtesy to Artur Szymanski.
German   German ReadMe file (9 Kb) courtesy to Dennis Grass
Chile Spain   Spanish ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Carlos A. Hern´┐Żndez L.
Denmark Italian ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Alexander Bonivento
Denmark Danish ReadMe file (7 Kb) courtesy to Tomas Petersen
If you can't download file - send me e-mail and I'll mail this file to you.
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{Interactive ASCII graphic tool} Put on your artist's cap and give this imagination-swirling sucker a spin. GIFs and JPEGs are so 1995. ASCII art is timeless. And what about colored ASCII art? It's... just as timeless. Feed this thing a graphic or two and watch it pump out a bandwidth-friendly translation. Believe me, you can design some really nifty images this way -- and export 'em as HTML files, too! Or don't believe me; see for yourself. I'm trying to teach Sprocket the basics... or maybe it's him who's teaching me? You can't ASCII for much more. Sorry if you're getting ANSI; you can download this utilitoy at any time. Downloads PC - over 30 000 + downloads ! (When I began a work I can't imagine that so many people would be use this prog). BTW - If you like BG_ASCII you can vote for it at here. Or send your commentary directly to me :-)
Four Golden Dove avard at Completely FREE Software
5 stars GOOD NoNags award
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List SOFT GoodSoft award (Russian) COOL! award (Russian)
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You may download trial shareware copy of image mosaic program MAZAIKA here

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